The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 2 – A House Divided Review

Consequences are harsh in the world of The Walking Dead. As you’ll see in episode 2, titled A House Divided, Clementine is at a crossroads in her journey. The opener to season 2 left her in a potentially lethal situation soon after her encounter with a new group of survivors. Should she continue to trust them so soon after just meeting them?

For our investment in Clementine’s development since the start of the series, we get to see how she got molded by our decisions. Episode 2 has just enough break in moments that truly show how she’s grown as a character.

261030_screenshots_2014-03-05_00007True to its name, A House Divided features some of the most divisive moments in any of the series’ episodes yet. They are very deliberate developments that come to a closing point more than once during the two hour long session. The best part of these decisions is that they don’t just rely on your feelings towards Clem and her relationship to the people around them, but also because everything in this season of The Walking Dead is so damn unpredictable.

Bringing a little girl that’s gone through everything that Clementine has to the spotlight helped make The Walking Dead much deadlier, Much like The Last of Us, having a less physically capable person playing a lead part works terrifically in ramping the tension even more. You’ll never sure how the world might end up dealing with Clementine.

Season 2 opened up strongly after the dramatic events with Lee and episode 2 manages to twist that knife up in some interesting ways. A House Divided does an excellent job in foreshadowing not just what ends up happening towards its closing moments, but also the potential of building connections within The Walking Dead fiction.


Telltale continues to step their games up with each new episode. Side-by-side with its concurrent season of The Wolf Among Us, they’re making sure we know decisions and consequences play might be of deadly importance within their particular universes.

Some of those resulting events might lead to some gruesome ends, or clearer paths. A House Divided drives you to go with your gut and live through your choices. And that’s how a game based on The Walking Dead should be: stark and everything but predictable.



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