El Presidente goes for broke in Tropico 6: The Lhama of Wall Street DLC

Never tired of taking on a variety of roles during his stay in power, it’s not at all surprising that Tropico 6’s El Presidente would try and have a go at the stock market. After all, there isn’t no one in the strategy game space that loves money as much as him, so here we are getting the first new DLC for the game in the form of The Lhama of Wall Street

Last year I praised Tropico 6 due to its larger sense of scale and layers of gameplay, and to that regard, it feels like The Lhama of Wall Street is somewhat limited, given how it’s a relatively short addition to the base game, really. It features a new map, a big and open archipelago just waiting to be taken over by your new Smart Furniture Studio buildings and most importantly, Toy Workshops that produce El Presidente dolls used to boost his popularity among the populace even further, if that wasn’t already huge to begin with. People love villains, after all, right? 

The only real addition to the Tropico 6 backdrop is how external powers can now influence your market prices, forcing you to keep tabs on it and change your game plan reactively. You can keep track of via the Stock Broker counselor who up to this point was a rather secondary tab that you rarely consulted on. And that was for good reason, given his less than savory attitude, which couples perfectly with the subject matter of this newest DLC.

Ah, the beauty… and the corruption of Tropico!

For as minimal as these additions can feel, you have to keep in mind that this is only the first of what’s bound to be a bunch of new DLC for Tropico 6. Considering that previous versions got plenty of content throughout their specific runs. Like those games, Tropico 6’s The Lhama of Wall Street integrates especially well to the base game and avoids shaking things up too violently. 

If you’ve been playing Tropico 6 since release and have been enjoying its quirky take on city building and management, this new content is bound to please you, thanks to its humorous take of well, getting even richer by exploiting the stock market. It’s cool to have even more control as to how your exports are going to sell to other countries, and for a game like Tropico 6 which thrives on having you be in a constant rush trying to keep all the underlying mechanics in check, having that aspect of your economy to track can be really fun and hectic.

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