Callum Rakestraw

Reviews Editor for Entertainium. He/him (avatar by @yurlunngur on Twitter)

Ni No Kuni Review

Though Studio Ghibli’s involvement only went so far as composing the music and a few animated cutscenes, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch feels like a classic Ghibli film. The enchanting world and charming characters, its heartwarming tale of loss and acceptance; it feels like a product of the studio’s talent. But Level…

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Antichamber Review

Playing Antichamber is a test of patience. Its clever puzzles and abstract, Escher-like environment perplex at every turn. Conventional logic does not apply here, the sterile scenery continuously subverting expectations and rules before introducing more to follow. It perplexes and dumbfounds you at every turn, causing more than a few colorful exclamations after some of…

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Splice Review

Beautiful, elegant, minimalist: those are the traits of Cipher Prime, makers of acclaimed puzzle games such as Auditorium. All of their works follows those three tenants, both in gameplay, visuals, and music. In Auditorium, you manipulated colored streams of sound that produce symphonic music once directed to corresponding canisters. A grey background and a few…

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Okami HD Review

High definition visuals are exactly what Okami needed. The original PlayStation 2 release was and is still gorgeous; time hasn’t harmed it in the slightest. But the move to current-gen consoles breathes new life into Okami. Developer Hexa Drive took an already strong foundation and fortified it to the point of flawlessness. Okami HD is easily the definitive version of Okami and one of…

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The Fine Line of Trial and Error

A few months ago, I played Limbo, Playdead’s gloomy, award-winning platformer. It was going swell at first. Traversal was simple, the atmosphere was appropriately thick with tension and mystery, and the visuals were beautiful. Unfortunately, the game was riddled with nigh-unavoidable “gotcha!” deaths — seemingly scripted death sequences that can’t be dodged without prior knowledge…

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Dustforce Review

Dustforce is about cleaning in the most stylish, productive way possible. As one of four acrobatic janitors, this seemingly simple concept transforms into an exercise of patience, skill, and frustration. It demands you learn the nuance of movement, the pin-point accuracy in timing button/key presses, the idiosyncrasies of each character. It’s a long, hard road, but…

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