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Entertainium Extra: 2DS announced, Wii U getting a price cut, and suspicious Ouya game Kickstarters

Hello, and welcome to Entertainium Extra! Our  weekly news round-up feature highlighting some of the bigger, interesting, or just plain weird stories from the past week. This week saw Nintendo make a couple of announcements in regard to the 3DS and Wii U – one getting a new hardware revision, the other a price cut…

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Race the Sun Review

As far as endless runners (or “racer,” in this case) go, Race the Sun from developer Flippfly is one of the more intriguing ones. It places emphasis on user-created content, melding player-made levels with the main-game attractions marvelously. Minimalist design that extends beyond mere aesthetics create strong, blistering play, tightly packed levels providing challenge steadily…

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Ibb & Obb Review

Depending on how you play Ibb & Obb, it will either be a delightful game of jolly cooperation or an exercise in multitasking hell. Despite its inviting looks, Ibb & Obb is a deceitfully challenging game. It’s cooperative-based platforming requires coordination on a grand scale, as well as extreme dexterity should you play solo. Guiding…

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