E3 2014 – Fenix Rage Hands-on Impressions

I always feel a special kind of tinge in my heart whenever I get to see a game that’s inspired by Super Meat Boy. It’s that kind of feeling that marries well with the dread I’m certain to feel right afterwards, when my poor character has lived through what cats would consider eons. Fenix Rage is no exception.

Fenix Rage is an indie game that’s coming to Xbox One, PC and Playstation 4 from Green Lave Studios, a Costa Rica based three person group. Having a small team come up with a fun and impressive looking project seems to be the running theme of this year’s E3, as Fenix Rage most certainly attests. This is one tough cookie of a game.

The basic setup is what you’d expect from a merciless platformer, the kind that has been cropping up consistently over the past few years. Mistakes are deadly and force you to start all over from the top. According to Eduardo Ramirez, the creator of Fenix Rage, it’s all about having a “hardcore pixel-perfect game”, which his game certainly is, to a painful degree.


Pain and frustrations aside, all due to my own lack of skill and overall bad coordination, Fenix Rage managed to grab me during the brief time I spent with it during the first day of E3. It wasn’t due to any particular reason, but mainly because Fenix Rage is done really well, even if not being revolutionary or a re-invention of the wheel. It’s just done in the way it was aimed, deftly.

We should expect to see more of Fenix Rage by the end of the year, when it will be out for people to suffer through – in a good way. Such is the tumultuous relationship of the platformer fan these days.

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