E3 2013 – The Walking Dead: 400 Days Preview

There’s no doubt Telltale’s The Walking Dead series left a mark in adventure gaming, so it’s no surprise season two is well under way. What’s surprising, though, is that for the first time ever, there will be a downloadable pack bridging both seasons, dubbed The Walking Dead: 400 Days.

400 Days references the first 400 days of the undead outbreak, in which the DLC’s story arch takes place. Five characters divide this episode, each approaching the story in a different point in time, within the 400 days.

The E3 demo took place during the first couple of days of chaos, following a group of prisoners awaiting transfer. What followed was a series of events that not only left the audience wondering what would come next, and just as shocked, not only at Telltale’s decisions during gameplay, which matter now just as much as the original’s, but at how gruesome the results turned out to be.

Fear not, The Walking Dead: 400 Days didn’t feel at all like a throwaway piece of DLC, much less an attempt at money grabbing. The little that was shown featured the same excellent use of the simple, yet smartly designed graphical presentation from the original, as well the same style of cçever. goofy but often darkly written dialogue.

According to Telltale, 400 Days lasts as long as an episode from the original season, and its five sections can be played at any order, regardless of which poont in time they take place in the overall context.

It was also mentioned very vaguely that season 2 will be tied to 400 Days in some way. That tidbit of news was probably the biggest thing that came off this demo for me. I’m curious as to how this content will relate to the new season. Will Clementine somehow be in it in some capacity? Will we run into recurring characters? Or is it just a cruel, cruel tease?

Luckily for fans, the wait won’t be very long. The Walking Dead: 400 Days is set for a July release for all the systems that The Walking Dead Season One was released, as well as Playstation Vita. Vita will be getting season one included with The Walking Dead: 400 Days, at some point in August.


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