E3 2015 – A bullet of your time, please; Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 would like a word

Going in to see a Sniper game probably doesn’t sound too appealing to most players unfamiliar the series. Admitedly, I was also kind of skeptical about this appointment myself. But after sitting through a particularly harowing and well put together demo that was played to tactical perfection by one of, the members of IC Games’, I can’t shake the feeling that Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is the game that will get me started in the series.

Much like last year’s E3’s offering by IC Games, Lords of the Fallen, Sniper 3 is IC Games’ attempt into breaking a market already crowded with fantastic games. In its own case, though, the new Ghost Warrior had two games to help mold the formula into shape, and if this early look into the new version is any indication, they did it.

The demo opened up with the infiltration of the titular sniper into enemy territory, in this case a nuclear refinery somewhere in Russia or as close to Russia as the devs dare to place it. It’s the shooter’s mission to take down the military general that’s up to no good and plans to use the weapons produced there. While it would be easy to just plan out a one note attack of guns blazing, ode to glory, white doves flying all over, Sniper‘s catch this time is that you shouldn’t. Given he’s a trained sniper, the game emulates how a marksman works into getting a target in sight and executing a plan.


Said plan, during the demo, was set on the fly. The big catch to the presentation was how Ghost Warrior 3 is so open ended and free form, so after driving down to a safe location, the demoer began slowly making his way to the base, silently taking out guards and finding a spot to perch in. There was no info as to where the target would be, so the sniper used a spy drone to lurk into the refinery and collect info. And collect info it did. In fact, it did a little more than that, catching the general and his secretary turned wife in some embarassing situations. Still, the intelligence wss there: the general would be going into the base in three days for an inspection.

While it would be too time intensive to keep us waiting until the prey was in place, the demoer made used of a new game mechanic which quickened the passage of time, much like a sniper would in real life, by lying still and lurking his target. Speaking of lurking, the more the sniper crouched, the more proficient and fast he became at it. Similarly to Skyrim and Oblivion, there’s a character progression system in Ghost Warrior 3 that actually adds significant depth into molding your character to fit your style of play. According to the devs at hand during the demo session, this means that no two players will have the exact same character by the end of the open ended campaign.

The demo itself ended with a bang, with the enemy general rushing in with his own personal squad of goons, guns ready to fire at the refinery workers. A bullet took care of the main target, and for the convenience of time, a chopper was called in to extract us, which the demoer assured us would never happen during the actual release, stating that an in-game mission plan will also demand an escape route, which in itself is also completely open ended. Considering how early in development Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is, there’s already a great deal to be impressed by if this demonstration was any indication. We will keep our ears perked for enemy movement once this game gets the green light on consoles and PC sometime in 2016.

12 thoughts on “E3 2015 – A bullet of your time, please; Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 would like a word

  1. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 promises to be very interesting shooter game. I know that we don’t know too much about it but I hope now when CI Games finally tell us something about it we got new gameplay or something like this soon. Now I’m very curious something more about story in this game.

  2. I’d love to play another SGW and have a chance to shoot somebody in the distance like a real hero ;D No srsly – I can’t wait.

    1. I was floored in regards to this game. I didn’t expect to be so impressed by it at the show, honestly. It’ll be cool to finally get into the series!

      1. You really should, I think SGW and SGW2 were also great but now we’ll have an open world so it’s gonna be awesome if only guys from CIG become the masters of shooters ;D

  3. After SP in SGW2 with my friends we played long time in MultiPlayer mode , now i read about open world in SGW3 and its absolutly fantastic news! for now we have some information about game, but of course all gamers will wait for gameplay!

  4. Looks really, really nice. I hope Sniper GW3 will propvide some good action combined with tactical gameplay. So far so good 🙂

  5. I was surprised as well. And I have to mention, I wasn’t the only one like that in the room. Sitting next to me, typing furiously and asking awesome questions was a retired US Navy sharpshooter apparently working freelance games writing. He dug it a lot, so it’s a huge plus in my book too.

  6. It looks like new Sniper GW3 will be worth a while. The E3 presentation disn’t show us very much, but I thing we can expect some good gaming experience. Keep up good work.

  7. I think if it only will be as realistic as they say, open world won’t have too many bugs and story will interesting, it may be one of the best games next year.

  8. New Sniper Ghost Warrior III will definitley be a money worth AAA game. Like author mention, CI Games try to enter to the so crowded market of great games. With Lord of The Fallen they managet to take a big pice of a cake to themselfes and with the Sniper Ghost Warrior III they will have a half of this cake. I’m sure that new style [open worold] will have many fans and non-linear targets will be taken out very quick.

  9. I hear a lot of great opinion about this game after E3 shows. Not all of this people which see this game on E3 was expected as good shows as they see. This article curious me because open world on sniper game is something great and this possibility to craft my own weapon.

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