Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC Boss Videos

Bloodborne‘s first (and only) DLC is finally out, and we’ve got some boss fight videos ready to go in order to help you put these guys down or at least have an idea of how we took them out. Lucky for me, I had our resident Bloodborne aficionado Callum Rakestraw along for the ride, and let me tell ya, he saved my bacon…

Spoilers, ahoy! Read and watch everything that’s ahead at your own discretion.


Boss #1: Ludwig, the Accursed

Definitely this DLC’s toughest fight, right off the bat. Ludwig is a very strong and resilient boss, with a few tricks up his sleeve. His second form is relatively more manageable than what he starts out with, but you should still be careful with his antics.

Here’s Callum’s video for the fight:

Boss # 2: The Living Failures

After such a tough encounter against Ludwig, you’d kind of expect to get an even more dramatic ramp up in difficulty going forward. That’s not the case with these Martian rejects. They are quite manageable… if you’re patient fighting them, that is.

Check out how I fought them in this video:

Boss #3: Lady Maria of the Astral Clock Tower

This was probably my favorite fight in The Old Hunters. A brilliant mix of difficulty and fun mechanics. Fighting Maria felt like I was fighting against the protagonist of one of the so-called “stylish” action games like Devil May Cry. Really neat stuff.

This is how I fought her:

Boss #4: Orphan of Kos

I seriously can’t believe I managed to beat this guy solo, especially in a new game plus playthrough, but I did it. Orphan of Kos is a really tough encounter, with more than one phase shift and not a lot of safe windows for counterattacks. Great fight all throughout!

My video of the fight:

Optional Boss: Laurence, the First Vicar

Even though this fight is called optional, because you could theoretically go through the entirety of the DLC without running into him, unless you go back to a particular spot you hit right at the beginning, he’ll probably be the guy who will give you most trouble up front. Callum managed to take care of him solo, the super tough hunter that he is!

And here’s proof!

FromSoftware’s absolutely epic when it comes to DLC for their games and surely Bloodborne‘s extra content is no exception. It’s a bit sad that we won’t be seeing any more, considering how this game is so stylistically apart from the rest of the Souls games. Still, if you’re on the fence about giving it a go, don’t be. 

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