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Overcooked and Distortions were the big winners of Brazil’s BIG Festival 2017

BIG Festival, one of the biggest indie game conventions in Latin America just yesterday. Over the course of a week, fans and enthusiasts were able to come to Centro Cultural São Paulo in downtown São Paulo to check out and play over forty five upcoming and recently released independent games from all over the world, like Nidhogg 2, Old Man’s Journey and Overcooked, to name a few.

The event’s prestigious award ceremony took place last Thursday, and among some of the public’s favorites like Distortions, who won two awards, and SUPERHOT VR, Overcooked proved to be the best dish of the bunch, taking home the ‘best of the show’ and ‘best gameplay’ trophies.

Here’s the full list of all the winners and participants for each category:

Best Game

Winner: Overcooked (Ghost Town Games, England)



The Deadly Tower of Monsters (ACE Team, Chile)
Death Squared (SMG Studio, Australia)
Figment (Bedtime Digital Games, Denmark)
Wuppo (Knuist & Perzik, Netherlands)


Best Brazilian Game

Winner: Distortions (Among Giants, São Paulo)



Esquadrão 51 (Márcio Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul)
Necrosphere (Cat Nigiri, Santa Catarina)
Starlit Archery Club (Rockhead Games, Rio de Janeiro)
NEXT JUMP: Shmup Tactics (Post Mortem Pixels, São Paulo)
Warlock’s Tower (Midipixel, Rio de Janeiro)
In Extremis (LNDFRR, Rio de Janeiro)
Keen (Cat Nigiri, Santa Catarina)
Sword Legacy: Omen (Fableware & Firecast, Rio de Janeiro)
Legend of the Skyfish (Mgaia Studio, São Paulo)


Best Game by Popular Vote

Winner: Distortions (Among Giants, Brazil)


Best Latin American Game

Winner: The Deadly Tower of Monsters (ACE Team, Chile)



64.0 (Rebel Rabbit, Peru)
ETHEREAL (Nonsense Arts, Argentina)
Sweet Meat (OneEyeAnt, Argentina)
UnderHero (Paper Castle Games, Venezuela)


Best Educational Game

Winner: Orwell (Osmotic Studios, Germany)



Ishmael (Necessary Games, USA)
Jump, Step, Step (Thang Phung Dinh & Dzung Phung Dinh, Vietnam)
Leis para Todos (Supernova Games, Brazil)
Lucro S/A (Universidade Feevale – Laboratório de Objetos de Aprendizagem, Brazil)


Best VR Game

Winner: SUPERHOT VR (SUPERHOT Team, Poland)



A Lost Room (Cruel Byte, Brazil)
Redout (34BigThings, Italy)
The Price of Freedom (Construct Studio, USA)


Best Art

Winner: Old Man’s Journey (Broken Rules, Austria)


Figment (Bedtime Digital Games, Denmark)
The Deadly Tower of Monsters (ACE Team, Chile)
Esquadrão 51 (Márcio Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul)
Beat the Game (Worm Animation, USA)
Four Last Things (Joe Richardson, England)
Vignettes (Skeleton Business, France)


Best Narrative

Winner: Figment (Bedtime Digital Games, Denmark)


Detention (Red Candle Games, Taiwan)
Beholder (Alawar Entertainment, Russia)
A Place for the Unwilling (AllPixel Games, Spain)
An Afternoon Rippling (Mars Lizard, USA)
Milkmaid of the Milky Way (Machineboy, Norway)
Wuppo (Knuist & Perzik, Netherlands)


Best Innovation

Winner: YANKAI’S PEAK (Kenny Sun, USA)


Orwell (Osmotic Studios, Germany)
Old Man’s Journey (Broken Rules, Austria)
Necrosphere (Cat Nigiri, Brazil)
Vignettes (Skeleton Business, France)


Best Sound

Winner: ETHEREAL (Nonsense Arts, Argentina)


Aaero (Mad Fellows, England)
Beat the Game (Worm Animation, USA)
The Deadly Tower of Monsters (ACE Team, Chile)
Future Unfolding (Spaces of Play UG, Argentina)
Guns of Icarus Alliance (Muse Games, USA)
She Remembered Caterpillars (Jumpsuit Entertaiment, Germany)


Best Gameplay

Winner: Overcooked (Ghost Town Games, England)


Death Squared (SMG Studio, Australia)
Necrosphere (Cat Nigiri, Brazil)
Celeste (Matt Makes Games Inc., Brazil)
Nidhogg 2 (Messhof, USA)
Ultimate Chicken Horse (Clever Endeavor Games, Canada)
Starlit Archery Club (Rockhead Games, Brazil)


BIG Starter Award: Best Educational or Social Impact Brazilian Game

Winner: medRoom (medRoom, São Paulo)


Árida (Aoca Game Lab, Bahia)
Senta a Pua (Comics World, São Paulo)


BIG Starter Award: Best Entertainment Brazilian Game

King Boom (Digi Ten, São Paulo)


Adventure llama (Pedro Savino, Rio de Janeiro)
Darkness Revealed (Pixel Cows, São Paulo)
No Place for Bravery (Glitch Factory, Brasília)
The Last Princess (40 Giants Entertainment, Rio Grande do Sul)




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