Review: Bring cleanliness to the masses with Powerwash Simulator

powerwash simulator

Good things come to those who wait as I finally got to review Powerwash Simulator, one of last year’s big surprises. It’s yet another mundane task sim that can easily drain you of your free time if you let it, putting you in the rubber boots of a, you guessed it, powerwash operator tasked with cleaning all kinds of filthy locations and items.

The game offers a huge variety of equipment coming in all shapes and sizes, each with unique applications and specializations, such as different types of soaps, spray nozzles and even barrel lengths, so you can reach those pesky nooks that insist on remaining dirty.

Powerwash Simulator plays like a first-person shooter, but instead of killing anything, you are doing the next best thing, getting dirt and grime out of a whole bunch of things. You start off small, getting your van ready for primetime, but your job gets much more complicated quickly as you are tasked with cleaning a backyard, a garage and even an entire playground.

powerwash simulator
First things first: you gotta look clean, so start with your van.

It wouldn’t be as big of a deal as it’s become if it weren’t enjoyable to play, as truth be told, “fun” wouldn’t be exactly how I would describe playing this game. It’s much more of a relaxing activity than anything else, something you can do while listening to a podcast or if you are looking to not invest a whole lot of brainpower to your gaming.

Unlike the truck driving games I always gab on and on about, though, Powerwash Simulator has plenty of humor to it, and now that it’s been over a year since its release, the amount of DLC with off the wall themes such as Spongebob Squarepants and Back to the Future really go to show that developer FuturLab isn’t shy about extending the scope of their game to otherwise unexpected lengths.

This is the sort of game you’ll want to leave installed on your hard drive in the off chance you have a few minutes to kill and want to feel like you’ve accomplished something, which is a silly thing to say about a game, but is a rewarding feeling that does in fact come into play when we’re talking about getting stuff thoroughly cleaned in Powerwash Simulator.

powerwash simulator
So they did find water in Mars!

Call me crazy, but I’m not alone with all this praise for the game. The amount of attention that it got last year is surprising when taking into account what it’s about, and it’s got plenty of staying power, so much so that it’s still getting DLC to this date. Sure, the game is only barely over a year old, but how many other releases can you list that are still in the limelight like Powerwash Simulator this far in? Got you there, haven’t I?

This game is among my favorites for the past few months and I safely recommend it for just about any kind of person looking to partake in videogames, and in that regard, even to those who haven’t got the slightest interest in them. Powerwash Simulator is so out there that it can in fact attract those from outside of gaming due to its appeal. After all, it’s a dirty job and somebody’s gotta do it!  

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