Entertainium at E3 2013

Entertainium is going to E3 2013. That announcement alone is enough to make me smile, not only because this is yet another opportunity for me to go to E3, but also because it’s our first time going there officially as Entertainium.

What does that mean in terms of content? Well, fellow editors Callum Rakestraw and Christian Cain, and I will be at the show, covering it for Entertainium at all possible capacity. That is, three different writers, with three different viewpoints and opinions, sharing all the goodness we can put on words as soon as we see it.

But! The fun doesn’t stop there. We’ll be hosting the Entertainium twitter account and monitoring it for suggestions on what you, the reader, would like for us to check out. It’s very easy – just tweet to @Entertainium with the hashtag #EntertainiumAtE3 with your suggestions.

So keep an eye out for updates as the show looms closer! You won’t want to miss a beat!


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