Entertainium Update – Spelunky on PS3/Vita

Spelunky has finally made its way from Xbox 360 to both the PC and PlayStation 3/Vita as a cross-buy title, as in you buy it for whatever system and you get both versions of the game for Sony platforms.

We’ve already reviewed the game back on release last year, but it’s a good idea to jump back into it and update you on whether or not these new versions of the game are worth it.


In case you haven’t read the original write-up on it, here’s a catch up from the review:

“Much like its similarly named cousin, the often misunderstood and brutally difficult classic NES game  Spelunker, Spelunky is all about treasure, fame and glory. Armed with nothing more than a whip, a handful of bombs, a short supply of climbing rope and four lives (read: attempts) it’s up to you and your little explorer guy to make it to the fabled golden city of Eldorado. Things obviously aren’t as easy as they sound and unlike say, Indiana Jones, you don’t have a little book that gives you all the answers about traps. And even if you did have one, it wouldn’t do you any good. See, Spelunky‘s levels are randomly generated, even though their progression of themes change every four stages. Each of these environments provides more variables to deal with the further you make into a playthrough, like slippery  glaciers and long drops in the ice cavern, for instance. That variety, multiplied by the sheer unpredictability of a level’s layout provides much of Spelunky‘s challenge and charm.”

Dungeon diving on the Vita was handled absolutely brilliantly. We got a chance to see Spelunky at E3 back in June and it looks even better now that it’s out. This is easily the best version of the game to get if you are planning on taking the game out on the road. It just shines on the Vita screen. The cross-play and cross-save features work flawlessly. Brilliant port all throughout.

The Steam version of Spelunky plays just as well as the console ports, this time in real 60 frames per second. It features an option not found on any of the other versions, which are the daily challenges that give you one chance at completing a set of levels unique to each day for a chance at the leaderboards.

All in all, Spelunky is amazingly fun on just about any platform you decide to pick it up on. Entertainium update out!


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