Regarding #gamergate

There’s been an unsettling amount of silence from most videogame publications regarding #gamergate, a massive hate-mob that is actively abusing and threatening women across the industry under the guise of exposing poor ethics in game journalism. (Read about it here and here if you haven’t heard of it by some miracle.) Mainstream news sites have reported on pretty extensively, but our fellow game publications? Not at all. We haven’t said anything until now either, granted (something I willingly take the blame for), but that stops now.

I have one simple thing to say to the supporters of #gamergate on behalf of Entertainium: you’re not welcome here. If you’re someone who constantly excuses the many egregious crimes of #gamergate, we don’t want you. You are not our audience. We do not want to, nor will we ever serve you. We don’t associate with hate groups. Same goes if you are a developer who strongly believes in this movement. We don’t want to work with you.

When the only thing your movement has accomplished is making people fear for their lives, you’re not fighting for reform in game journalism: you’re terrorists. What does threatening anyone accomplish? Nothing. Nothing except prove how irrelevant and disgusting this little “revolution” truly is.

As a small, growing site, we’re probably not in the best position to be turning away potential traffic, but screw it. Success isn’t worth it if it comes from the same cesspool of an audience as #gamergate. Sometimes you have to stand up for what’s right, regardless of the consequences. If this hurts us in the long run, then so be it. Better to go down fighting then accept this awful reality.