CCXP 2015 – Photo Reel and Info roundup

Comic Con Experience 2015 was at full swing in São Paulo, Brazil, and Entertainium was there to check it out. This was CCXP’s second ever event, and to everyone who was in attendance, it was a delightful dive into pop culture.

Netflix was certainly of the biggest presences at the show this year, and it certainly made the day for quite a number of fans who lined up to see their presentation at CCXP, as well as the many attractions at their booth. Upcoming Jessica JonesKristen Ritter and David Tennant were in house to talk about a few of the challenges behind bringing one of Marvel MAX‘s most beloved characters to TV screens across the world.

While certainly not the least, Daredevil, Marco Polo and the TV movie sequel for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon‘s teasers were screened during the company’s panel, leaving fans in awe. The subscription service also put together a panel with some of Sense-8’s cast who gave a glimpse at how the show’s first season came to fruition, as well as hints as to where things might go for an eventual second season.

Aside from Netflix, other production houses were in full strength at CCXP, uncluding Warner, who brought out the big guns, showing off costumes and props for their upcoming movies and shows like Suicide Squad, which got a little batting cage action, as well as full body suits of Arrow‘s main cast’s Black Canary and Oliver Queen himself, and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s titular heroes.

Speaking of Bruce Wayne’s outer ego, two of the biggest names that have ever graced the dark knight’s historic career flew in from the U.S in order to meet fans and talk about their careers at CCXP. First up was Frank Miller, the driving force behind Batman’s turn from the happy-go-lucky 1960s/1970s into the dark figure we know now thanks to his graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, as well as a number of other huge works like 300 and Sin City. The lines for his signing were enormous, so I had to content with seeing his presentation at the show, which didn’t disappoint at all — Miller, in his trademark grouchy and stone cold honest manner, talked in candid detail about his tumultuous relationship with Hollywood over the years, as well as the growth of the comic book medium before and after his own contributions. Fans were teary-eyed when one question in particular brought out an emotional fan on stage in order to get his personal copy of 300 signed by Miller, who was surprisingly eager to meet and shake that fan’s hand.

Jim Lee, known for his work on a laundry list of comic book franchises, such as the X-Men and his own creation WildC.A.T.S, was also given a standing ovation after his presentation, in which he talked about his early career and life, both before and after getting into the industry. Fans in attendance were overjoyed when they learned about a particular story where Lee detailed the creation process of one of his most famous drawings and how it all happened while he was travelling through Europe. Lee also headed his on signing session at two occasions at CCXP, one of which I braved the lines for and got to quickly chat with the man about his quick stint working on cartoons. What can I say, I love animation, couldn’t help it!

But by far the best part of any convention though, in my humble opinion, is the space that’s made available for artists to show their craft, and in that regard Comic Con Experience’s own Artists’ Alley was incredible. A number of guest artists from across the globe made an appearance, like David Finch, the man behind some of DC Comic’s biggest heroes, Esad Ribic, who drew and painted one of my personal favorite Thor novels ever, John Tottleben, one of comic’s biggest names and most beloved artists, who worked on Swamp Thing for a couple of decades, and Mark Waid, whose line looped around the ‘Alley just to name a few.

An absurd amount of local talent was also in attendance, such as a number of Brazil’s most famous comic creator Mauricio de Sousa‘s studio MSP, which has been putting out quite a few more mature graphic novels of their characters under wonderful reinventions, as well as a number of indie artists and authors. These guests certainly helped fill Artists’ Alley to the brim with fans and newcomers alike; an absolute mix of chaotic excitement which I spent the bulk of my time at meeting and greeting at CCXP.

Here’s our photo reel with the handful of the many things I got the chance to see at the show.

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