SEASONS: A letter to the future is the big winner at this year’s BIG Awards in Brazil

BIG Awards, BIG Festival 2023

SEASONS: A letter to the future, one of Entertainium’s top rated games this year took home two of the biggest awards of the show — held at this year’s BIG Festival in São Paulo, Brazil — as well as Sunday Gold, which our very own Andy Johnson hailed as a flawed, albeit varied gem of a game.

From the press release:
“This is very exciting, our team is thrilled by this achievement. I would like to congratulate everyone who won tonight, it was wonderful to watch the awards ceremony and cheer for the winners. Thank you for believing in the project, our team is truly honored to have competed in so many categories and, even more so, to have won Best Game!” commented Katie Postma, Community Outreach Specialist at Scavengers Studio, during the award ceremony.
In addition to the BIG Awards trophy, the three titles chosen as Best Game, Best Game: Brazil, and Best Game: Latin America by the jury of BIG Festival 2023 received a prize of R$5,000 each. The winners of the other categories of the ceremony were awarded an exclusive trophy that recognizes them as the big winners of the night.
“Our team has witnessed many ways of making games throughout our career, and it’s definitely better to be together for a common goal. I would like to thank the event organizers and curators for the opportunity and attention given to our project. It’s our second year at the festival, and finally, we come out victorious among so many great finalist games! Long live the Brazilian indie scene!” celebrated Danilo Freire from Point N’ Sheep.
Other notable victories at the BIG Awards include Universe for Sale, by Italian studio Tmesis Studio, in the Best Art category; and RAILGRADE, by Japanese studio Minkata Dynamics, in the Best Gameplay category.
In the Innovation category, the winning game was Touch Type Tale, by German studio Pumpernickel Studio. In this edition of the BIG Awards, the BIG Festival also awarded three games in the categories of BIG Impact: Educational, Social Issues, and Diversity. The winners in these categories were Turma das Patinhas, by Brazilian studio Crenix Games; Atuel, by Argentine studio Matajuegos; and A Year of Springs, by Japanese developer npckc, respectively.
In total, 626 games from 52 countries were submitted for the awards. The submitted games were evaluated by the festival’s Selection Committee, and 110 of them were selected to compete in the 18 categories of the awards, including Best Narrative, Sound, Multiplayer, and more.

Without further ado, here are the winners of this year’s BIG Awards!

Best Game

SEASON: A letter to the future

Developer: Scavengers Studios (Canada)

Best Game: Brazil


Developer: Point N’ Sheep

Best Game: Latin America

What Lies in the Multiverse

Developer: IguanaBee & Studio Voyage (Chile)

Best Original Game

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical

Developer: Summerfall Studios (Australia)

BIG Impact: Educational

Turma das Patinhas 

Developer: Crenix Games (Brazil)

BIG Impact: Social Issues


Developer: Matajuegos (Argentina)

BIG Impact: Diversity

A Year of Springs

Developer: npckc (Japan)

Best XR / VR

YUKI MRrcade Mode

Developer: ARVORE Immersive Experiences (Brazil)

Best Sound

Sunday Gold

Developer: BKOM Studios (Canada) 

Best Art

Universe for Sale

Developer: Tmesis Studio (Italy)

Best Narrative

SEASON: A letter to the future

Developer: Scavengers Studio (Canada)

Best Gameplay


Developer: Minkata Dynamics (Japan)


Touch Type Tale

Developer: Pumpernickel Studio (Germany)

Best Multiplayer

Dorfs: Hammers for Hire

Developer: Ravegan (Argentina)

Best Children’s Game

Turma das Patinhas 

Developer: Crenix Games (Brazil)

Best Mobile Game


Developer: An Otter Game Studio (Argentina)

Best Student Game

Animal Planner

Developer: MittagPause Studio (Aalto University) (China)

WINGS Spotlight

A pet shop after dark

Developer: npckc (Japan)

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