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The Gardens Between is a breezy time travelling journey that’s well worth taking

Games that reward your time are few and far between nowadays. With a mountain of grind-heavy collect-a-ton experiences out there, so when a short but extremely sweet game like The Gardens Between comes along, it’s bound to raise some eyebrows. It’s a puzzler that plays with time travelling and doesn’t go too out of its… Continue reading The Gardens Between is a breezy time travelling journey that’s well worth taking

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E3 2015 – Gravity is yours to command in Relativity

Relativity is a game you have to play to truly grasp. Just looking at screenshots of its winding, complex levels doesn’t quite communicate how your supposed to interact with the space, let alone navigate it. Every structure you encounter looks more like a work of abstract art to observe and appreciate than a piece of… Continue reading E3 2015 – Gravity is yours to command in Relativity

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The Swapper Review

Games are a powerful medium. Like a good book or thrilling movie, they can make you feel incredible at times, but given care, there are times when they bring about feelings like nothing else. The Swapper, for instance, makes you feel like a genius every time you manage to find a solution to one of… Continue reading The Swapper Review


Antichamber Review

Playing Antichamber is a test of patience. Its clever puzzles and abstract, Escher-like environment perplex at every turn. Conventional logic does not apply here, the sterile scenery continuously subverting expectations and rules before introducing more to follow. It perplexes and dumbfounds you at every turn, causing more than a few colorful exclamations after some of… Continue reading Antichamber Review

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Splice Review

Beautiful, elegant, minimalist: those are the traits of Cipher Prime, makers of acclaimed puzzle games such as Auditorium. All of their works follows those three tenants, both in gameplay, visuals, and music. In Auditorium, you manipulated colored streams of sound that produce symphonic music once directed to corresponding canisters. A grey background and a few… Continue reading Splice Review