Amorous Adventures of Hans Capon is sinfully short, but still amusing

My initial impressions based on what I got to see of Kingdom Come Deliverance’s second piece of DLC at Brazil Game Show 2018 earlier this month remained: Amorous Adventures of Hans Capon is a welcome bit of comedy and levity, and after playing through the entire thing, its length is really the only thing that holds it back. It can be completed in around two hours, give or take, depending on the choices you make along the way.  

The larger quests that make up Amorous Adventures are rather well developed on their own — one even requires you to make use of a host of different skills, even dice playing, which I appreciated and did my best (and failed) to finish it as it’s intended, by winning. Thanks to my character’s high speech skill, I was able to get through most of it unscathed. Outside of a scuffle that was mentioned in my preview, the one that took place between Henry and Han’s beloved’s dad at the tail end of the story, I didn’t run into any combat at all during the DLC. Oh, well, I did, technically, but it happened as the result of a glitch.


In fact, a lot of Amorous Adventures felt really buggy. Taking into account what could be considered normal for an open-world game to be kind of broken, and let me tell you, Kingdom Come Deliverance has some of the funniest glitches around (flying horses, crazy armies, and mad poultry to name a few), the new DLC seems to suffer from some problems tied to NPC behavior scripts and A.I. More than once I was forced to retry dialog thanks to everyone turning hostile the moment I finished talking down a quest character, which is unfortunate, because the speech checks never changed throughout my time playing — one in particular took me five tries before I could make my way out of the camp the person I had to talk to was and continue on with the quest line.  

As for the free part of the new DLC added to the game, the tournament mode, it’s quite enjoyable to jump into an arena and try out weapons I’m not particularly familiar with. The bouts get increasingly more difficult the further you get into the competition; I was able to get to the last round on my first run, but I’ll give that to luck more than anything else, and I ended up getting my metal-clad ass handed to me as expected. I hope to give this another shot later on when I come back to Kingdom Come Deliverance for the next pieces of downloadable content that will be coming out eventually.


Technical and game length problems aside, Amorous Adventures of Hans Capon is a welcome addition to Warhorse’s epic game. As I mentioned before, Capon is a charming, bumbling fool that grew on me the further I got into the main game, so it was cool to spend a bit more time with him, even if (spoilers!) I couldn’t do much to help him be less of an idiot and get the lady that he’s in love with. Oh well.

I was already impressed by Kingdom Come during my time with it earlier this year for review, and jumping back to it months later didn’t dull that feeling at all. Sure, it’s a little rough getting used to that game’s many quirks, but I managed to do so quite well, especially after starting it up on PC instead of console. I’m looking forward to seeing what Warhorse is cooking up for the next bits of DLC that according to their PR manager Tobias Stolz-Zwiling should be available sometime next year.

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