Felicity Chevalier

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age mixes accessibility with familiarity in the one of the series’ most engaging entries

It was a time of peace in Ivalice.  A long-awaited wedding would bring out the people of Rabanastre in harmony and in celebration, but their joyous merrymaking would be short lived. Suddenly, an attack from the nearby kingdom of Dalmasca would shatter the tranquil atmosphere, turning excitement and happiness into panic and terror. So begins…

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Between the tee and the lie, between the break and the fly, between the green and the sky, there’s Everybody’s Golf

In the world of gaming, the sport of golf has occupied a rather unique space. There are often two main types of golf games, generally: those focused on a realistic, accurate depiction of the sport as it is played in real life, and the fanciful versions that journey into the world of magical realism. It’s…

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