Felicity Chevalier

The Town of Light Review: The Town of Light shines brightest when fully enveloped in its own personal dark corners

…they were the whispers in the dark… ..it’s cold in here.. …I was afraid of everything… Imagine the rusted remnants of a playground, the merry go round with the paint peeling from all sides, the swings that stand motionless, the seesaw that moves up and down slowly, in a sad nodding of the memories of…

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Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review – Not so far far away

Luke Skywalker’s gaze was noticeably drawn to the lightsaber that rested just a few inches away. He turned towards the window once more, trying to suppress the internal rage. Out the window, rebel ships shattered into pieces like glass or were scattered and useless against the Empire’s large Star Destroyers. Luke turned back towards his…

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