Review: Save Room puts your packing skills to the test

save room

Tired of shooting zombies? Would you rather just focus on getting your inventory all organized and call it a day? Have I got the game for you! Better put, Brazilian studio Fractal Project and Ratalaika Games do. If you ever played Resident Evil 4, you surely had to deal with juggling your arsenal in the tight confines of your pockets – that’s what Save Room is all about.

There’s not much to explain about this one, really. Save Room has you tackle 40 levels where the objective is to fill your inventory up and not miss a single item in what could be described as a frantic game of tangram. Only instead of colorful shapes, you’re messing with guns, ammo, and healing items.

Save Room does throw some curveballs your way in order to provide an extra layer of challenge when organizing your pack. One comes in having to have your firearms reloaded, as well as your health topped off. Meaning it usually takes more than just fitting stuff in perfectly, but also knowing when to combine items, and the order in which you do it.

save room
Marie Kondo’s got nothing on me! I got this, baby!

That timing also comes into play in later levels when components are scarce and you only have a precise amount to solve the puzzle. In others, you even have to purposefully hurt yourself by eating rotten food in order to get rid of excess healing items. It’s very rewarding when a plan comes together and you’re able to move on to whatever is next.

Given the very simple nature of the game and the limited amount of stages, there isn’t a whole lot of replayability to Save Room. Once you are through, there’s not much else to come back to. Granted, I can’t really imagine spending countless hours with hundreds upon hundreds of levels of inventory management. For the little that it lasts, Save Room provides enough fun to make it worth your while.

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